Experimenting With Costco & A Rack of Pork

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Although we have many family members that are members at Costco, Eric and I had never been in one until this past weekend. We love warehouse club shopping and have been known to make a day out of walking around the aisles with the kids. So, we were very excited about becoming members at Costco thanks to The Motherhood, especially considering all of the great things we’ve heard about it.

We were not disappointed at all! We went in with the intention of checking everything out and buying a rack of pork (more info below). Yet like with all stops like that, we weren’t surprised to check out with a cart full of goodies. I can’t wait to tackle our first monthly shopping trip there next week.

Now, on to that rack of pork I mentioned above. I’m participating in a campaign from The Motherhood & Costco that involves creating a pork recipe and sharing some ideas for incorporating that into a party idea. The cut of pork I was assigned is a rack of pork. This is one cut of meat that I have NO experience with, but it was definitely a fun challenge to take on. (You can find out some more information on rack of pork as well as other cuts pork here.) Fortunately, everyone in this house is a fan of pork, so I knew I’d have some room to experiment. I‘ll be sharing the recipe I made, some party ideas and a $25 Costco cash giveaway later this week.

Until then, I wanted to let you know about the fantastic deal you can get on a rack of pork at Costco this week. And trust me when I say that if you’re as unfamiliar as I was with this cut, try it out! It’s much easier to cook than you’d think and it is absolutely delicious! This week, through October 31st, you can buy a rack of pork for $2.50 off at Costco. I definitely recommend taking advantage of this and doing a little experimenting of your own.

As you waited for my recipe with baited breath (because I know you will, right? Right?), you can find other recipes and ideas on the Costco website.

How do you feel about experimenting with new cuts of meat, and pork especially? Do you hesitate because of the unknown or do you just jump right in?

Full Disclosure – This post was written by me in participation with a program from The Motherhood for Costco and the National Pork Board. I received products to facilitate my recipe creation and a stipend for my time. However, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.