Lebanese Stuffed Bell Peppers

These savory stuffed peppers are deliciously gluten free and dairy free. Middle Eastern style stuffed bell peppers are filled with ground beef (or lamb), rice and Lebanese spices and cooked in tomato sauce for the best stuffed peppers you have ever had.

Lebanese Meat Pies (Sfeeha Recipe)

Lebanese meat pies (sfeeha or fatayer) are a traditional dish fit for the family. It is savory bread dough filled with a ground beef mixture with Mediterranean spices and lemon then baked to perfection. What is a sfeeha? Lebanese Meat Pies (aka Fatayer, or sfiha) Lebanese meat pies, or sfeeha, are savory bread dough rolls … Read more

How To Toast Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are staple part of Mediterranean cuisine and many Lebanese dishes. Toasting pine nuts is key get that nutty flavor without any bitterness. Maybe you have never had a pine nut before. I have and I love them. In fact we use them all the time and I will show you how to toast … Read more