Brown Sugar Chicken

Brown Sugar Chicken is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Perfect for making in the InstantPot or Multi-Cooker. Tender and delicious.

Stuffed Jalapeno Chicken Rolls

jalapeno chicken filling

Every Friday night, Eric and I have a date-night-at-home while the kids have what we’ve affectionately dubbed “fun night.” That basically means that they get to have a fun dinner of frozen foods or convenience foods that they’re in charge of making. This is usually a sampling of different frozen appetizers, or frozen pizzas, or … Read more

Chicken Brie Spaghetti

A fast-yet-fancy recipe for Chicken Brie Spaghetti that can be on the table in just about 15 minutes. An easy and delicious recipe for the whole family.

Crock Pot Country Chicken


I think my crock pot is the most under-used appliance in my kitchen, which always baffles me. Not only do I love crock pot meals but using the crock pot fits perfectly with my stolen moments method. So it’s beyond me why I don’t use it more. I’m hoping to use it more often over … Read more

BBQ Haystacks


I first learned about haystacks a few years ago and I was instantly smitten. First of all, I love do-it-yourself meals like that where I can just set out several different bowls and let everyone build their perfect meal. Secondly, the meal is so versatile! I’ve seen haystacks written about at least a dozen times … Read more

Chicken Francese with Bacon & Capers


Chicken is a great go-to option when you’re looking for a meal that will get you out of the kitchen in 1/3 less time. And it gets even easier and quicker when you combine it with a few stolen moments throughout your day. When it comes to quick chicken dishes, I prefer meals where the … Read more

Coconut Chicken with Pineapple-Curry Dipping Sauce


I love coconut! I know it’s not a universal favorite, to which all I can say is “You don’t like coconuts! Say brainless, don’t you know where coconuts come from?” (Name that movie…) Seriously though, coconut is a fantastic addition to both sweet and savory foods. It adds great flavor and texture. I’ve always loved … Read more

Baked Chicken with Creamy Mushroom & Caper Sauce


Our Sunday nights have definitely become the time to have a dinner that’s a little different and a little bit more special than other nights. I know Sunday nights are the traditional time to have a meal like that, but for a long time, our schedule kept that from being possible. So it’s exciting to … Read more

Hot Chicken Salad Stuffed Bread


As I slightly alluded to yesterday, I kind of like bread. Not surprisingly, the rest of the family does too. So every so often, I like to make a meal that is focused around bread in one form or another. When I was really craving a sandwich the other night, I decided to do just … Read more