3 Moms ~ Catching Up


I realized today that although I’ve been sharing recipes for things we’ve eaten, I haven’t really done a meal-by-meal accounting of our days this week. So, I thought I’d take some time to get caught up on that. Wednesday morning started with a breakfast of cinnamon-sugar toast, bananas and milk. That has become one of … Read more

Beef & Rice Burrito Filling


When you have 17 pounds of ground beef staring you in the face, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Either that or it’s easy to be lazy and resort to doing the same things with said ground beef that you do month in and month out. But it’s honestly just as easy to just get it … Read more

Pesto Chicken French Bread Pizza


One of the best deals that I snagged during our monthly grocery shopping trip was a pound and a half of organic basil marked down to 99 cents! It was such an incredible steal that I just couldn’t pass up. I knew I’d need to do something with it quickly though, since it was marked … Read more

Empty Pantry Candy


Turn empty pantry despair into a delectable treat with our step-by-step Empty Pantry Candy recipe. Simple, quick, and incredibly tasty—perfect for satisfying those last-minute snack cravings.

3 Moms 3 Kitchens 31 Days: A Month In My Kitchen


Back in May of 2008, I spent the month blogging all of my family’s daily meals, recipes, menu planning and grocery shopping tips.  With me on that adventure were Joy from Five J’s and Toni from The Happy Housewife. We called our cross-blog series “3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days.” I have the fondest memories … Read more