How To Toast Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are staple part of Mediterranean cuisine and many Lebanese dishes. Toasting pine nuts is key get that nutty flavor without any bitterness. Maybe you have never had a pine nut before. I have and I love them. In fact we use them all the time and I will show you how to toast … Read more

Springtime Roasted Veggies


I fell in love with roasted vegetables about a year and a half ago and have been experimenting with them ever since. I’ve yet to find a veggie that doesn’t work well with this method. And even my pickiest kiddos enjoy the taste and texture of every roasted veggie I’ve made so far. Springtime Roasted … Read more

Basic Pesto


I love pesto! It is so simple, versatile and full of flavor. I rely on it alot in the summer because it’s meant to be served cold or at room temperature. There seems to be endless ways to use pesto. It definitely works for me!   Because of this love of pesto I have, I’ve … Read more