Crustless Coconut Pie

Can you believe today, January 23rd, is actually National Pie Day? I love that we have a dedicated food holiday to celebrate delicious treats like pie. To me, Pie Day ranks right up there with National Chocolate Day in terms of sheer celebratory excitement and indulge-worthy deliciousness! In addition, according to predictions, pies are set … Read more

Apple Jacks Cereal Cookies

Boxed cereal was my everything as a kid. I have vivid memories of excitedly ripping open those colorful packages first thing Saturday morning to fuel my nonstop cartoon watching. Even now as an adult, just seeing a box of Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops transports me right back to lazy weekends parked in front of … Read more

Apple Cookies with Caramel


The perfect fall-time treat! Cake-like cookies loaded with juicy bits of fresh apple and topped with a spoonful of fresh melted caramel.

Apple Bread Pudding

Savor the flavors of autumn with this easy-to-follow Apple Bread Pudding recipe. Perfect as a breakfast or dessert, it’s a fall must-try that’s both versatile and delicious!

Pecan Tartlets


There’s nothing quite like the buttery, nutty flavor of a classic pecan pie. The gooey filling with toasted pecans baked into a flaky pie crust is downright addictive. But let’s be honest – pecan pie is incredibly rich, cloyingly sweet, and eating more than one small slice is hard for most people. That’s why making … Read more

Orange & Chocolate Checkerboard Cookies


Finally it is cookie time! I have so many great new cookie recipes to share and I’ve been counting down the days until December 1st to start sharing them. I’m planning to post at least 3 new Christmas cookie recipes a week up until Christmas Day. Typing that now, it seems like a lot. But, … Read more

Fluffy & Flaky Biscuits

I’ve been pretty satisfied with my go-to biscuit recipe for years now. While my biscuits always deliver on incredible butteriness and flavor, they unfortunately never achieve that sought-after tall, fluffy rise with delicate, flaky layers that you see in the photos of Southern cooking magazines.  My biscuits definitely win on taste but come up a … Read more

Caramel Apple Cream Puff Dessert


Nothing says fall to me quite like caramel apples. They’re just so perfect in their simplicity. So when I was thinking of a perfect dessert to serve when my husband’s family came to dinner last week, my mind obviously went to caramel apples. I thought of doing a caramel apple pie and a few other … Read more

Sweet Onion Bread


I have definitely been reclaiming my baking vibe over the past week or so. I guess that’s what happens when the cooler weather hits and I don’t mind having the oven on all day. I am trying to fit as much pre-baby baking in as possible now. I’m of the belief that I’ll still be … Read more