Fun Recipes for April Fool’s Day

Our oldest daughter Isabelle loves April Fool’s Day. Every year she plans something fun for her sisters and brother. Last year, she and I worked together on this awesome “breakfast” that she served up to them.

Fakin’ & Eggs

The bacon was made with tootsie rolls and caramels softened slightly in the microwave and the eggs were melted white chocolate with yellow M & M’s. And it was a HUGE hit with the little kids, not to mention a ton of fun for Isabelle!

This year she is planning to make this Chicken Not Pie from Family Fun. She’s wanted to make this one for a few years and is excited that she actually remembered about it in time so that we could get all the needed groceries.

If you or your kids want to make a fun, “fake” meal this April Fool’s Day, here are a few other ideas:

Apil Fool’s (Pizza) “Cake”

April Fool’s Lasagna: Banana-Pudding Cake

Meatloaf Cupcakes

Do you do anything fun for April Fool’s Day? I’d love some more ideas as this is the prime year to really have some fun with the kids!