Dishing Up Some Coffee With Starbucks Ice Cream


I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again – I am a complete and total coffee fiend. I drink it strong, black and in copious amounts. Anyone that has spent any time with me can attest to that fact. I have a coffee cup in my hand from the time I wake … Read more

Crock Pot Country Chicken


I think my crock pot is the most under-used appliance in my kitchen, which always baffles me. Not only do I love crock pot meals but using the crock pot fits perfectly with my stolen moments method. So it’s beyond me why I don’t use it more. I’m hoping to use it more often over … Read more

Our Summer In Pictures


Okay, I’ll admit things have been a little bit quiet around here. That’s because they’ve been a little quiet around the kitchen too. We’ve done what we could to make the most of our summer, even when that meant simple meals and lots of leftovers. Two weeks until the kids go back to school and … Read more

Ground Beef & Green Bean Skillet


We are counting down the days of summer and I can’t believe we’re already at less than 3 weeks before the kids head back to school. Feelings are torn around our house – some of us are super excited and others, not so much. Personally, I fall into that not so much category. I love … Read more

S’Mores Day With S’Mores Brownies


Today is National S’Mores Day! So I’m a little late with posting, but I think a day like S’Mores Day can be celebrated for a few days afterwards, don’t you? I don’t have a new recipe to share today. Instead, I have a blast from the past with of one of my favorite recipes that … Read more

Steak & Potato Salad


I think Sundays are my favorite day of the week in the summertime. We spend the day together, not doing much of anything at all, running a few errands or enjoying the weather and just being outside with each other. Then at some point it occurs to us all that we should probably eat something. … Read more

Rosemary Potato & Veggie Skewers


As the summer goes on, Eric and I are getting more and more comfortable with using the grill on a regular basis. We’ve finally started branching off into grilling our side dishes on occasion as well. So far, so good! I’ve done kebabs and skewers in the oven for years and I’ve been anxiously awaiting … Read more