Pot Scrubbing 101

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I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen. It’s definitely my most favorite thing right after spending time with my family. But my enjoyment focuses around cooking and baking and not the inevitable clean up that comes afterwards. In fact, I can’t get out of the kitchen fast enough when there is a sink full of dirty dishes staring me in the face. I honestly fantasize about having someone whose sole purpose in life is to clean all of my dirty pots and pans.

So when I come across any tip that makes that drudgery even a little bit easier, I’m all over it! This is one of those tips that seemed like a no-brainer after I first heard. Yet, obviously it wasn’t since it was new information to me. (Either that or I’m just not too smart…take your pick.)

Anyhow, I’ll spare you from my pithiness and just get on to the tip sharing.

When washing a starchy pot or pan after boiling potatoes, pasta or rice, wipe out first with cold water. Then wash as normal. Hot water breaks down the starch even more and makes it sticky and hard to wash off. This tip also works when washing a dish that was used to make eggs or something very cheesy.

Other than soaking hard to clean dishes in hot, soapy water, this has to be my favorite dishwashing tip. Do you have any others you’d like to share with us?