A Little Bit Of Christmas

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Christmas has been a little subdued at our house for the past two years. Our house has been on the market and many of our Christmas decorations are packed away in storage. So, we’ve made do with what’s on hand.


Plus, there’s the fact that my father-in-law is Santa Claus. It’s virtually impossible to be lacking in Christmas spirit when Santa is a member of the family!

Although we miss many of our usual decorations and all those trappings, the Christmas spirit is absolutely alive and well. Christmas music plays on our kitchen radio from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep.


Our tree stays lit all day, just because we all take such pleasure in just sitting and looking at it.

And the kitchen, the true heart of our home, is just bursting with activity. We’re whipping up all kinds of goodies to share with neighbors, teachers and family. From homemade pierogies (recipe coming tomorrow) to every imaginable type of cookie and candy, there’s never a dull moment in our Christmastime kitchen.


Even my littlest helpers get in on the act with their very own Christmas baking paraphenelia.


And I couldn’t imagine making all these treats without my handy snowman spatula.

My goal has been at least one batch of cookies made per day for the past week and throughout the rest of this week. I bake a few, and then freeze the dough. The few days right before Christmas, I’ll bake all the cookies from the frozen dough.


On today’s agenda were these amazing Santa’s Whiskers cookies.

So even though our decorations are a bit sparse this year, the spirit and smell of Christmas are alive and well.

There’s so little time left until Christmas day and so many cookies yet to bake! I hope you’ll come back for some more Christmas baking recipes.

And from my house to yours…MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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