apples with figs

Caramelized Apples with Dried Figs & Walnuts

Welcome! Click here to grab your FREE March Menu Plan + Grocery List!.I have loved cooked apples, in all of their various forms, for as long as I can remember. In fact, it’s one of the first thing I remember cooking for myself without a recipe. I honestly have no idea how old I was, […]


Stuffed Jalapeno Chicken Rolls

Every Friday night, Eric and I have a date-night-at-home while the kids have what we’ve affectionately dubbed “fun night.” That basically means that they get to have a fun dinner of frozen foods or convenience foods that they’re in charge of making. This is usually a sampling of different frozen appetizers, or frozen pizzas, or […]

chili recipes

National Chili Day – Chili Recipe Roundup

Did you know that every year, the fourth Thursday of February is National Chili Day? You can read all about this annual celebration here. There’s definitely an abundance of food-focused holidays throughout the year, but this is one I can definitely get behind! We absolutely love chili around here, so it sounds like the perfect […]

sour cream jam muffins

Sour Cream & Jam Muffins

I used to make muffins at least once a week, but that hasn’t happened in years. Now when I make muffins, it’s usually a big batch baking day that I use to stock the freezer. I think muffins are probably one of my favorite things to have in the freezer too, because they are perfect for […]

italian stuffed squash

Italian Stuffed Squash

I am huge fan of Italian Sausage. I love its strong or subtle flavors (depending on if I use the hot or sweet variety). I also believe it can make any dish taste better. Adding it to my spaghetti sauce or lasagna is a no-brainer for me. But I really like adding it to other […]