Monterey Chicken Recipe

As soon as I spy those sizzling bacon-topped chicken breasts on the menu, I know exactly what I’m ordering at Chili’s. Their signature Monterey Chicken is one of my all-time favorite entrees. That irresistible combination of juicy chicken, melted cheese, crispy bacon, and zesty barbecue sauce delivers on all levels. The tender chicken breasts get … Read more

Appetizer Sampler Platter

More often than not, when we go out to eat I always check the appetizer section for a sampler platter. And if it sounds good, I usually order that in lieu of an actual dinner. I realize that isn’t necessarily healthy, but it is good and we go out to eat so infrequently that I … Read more

Chicken, Corn and Roasted Pepper Chowder


I wanted to get one last soup in before the weather started staying warm all the time. Although judging by the past few days, I might be able to get another one in too. This meal takes a little extra effort, but it is so worth it – especially frying your own tortillas to use … Read more

Blackened Chicken with Cajun Alfredo Sauce

Our family absolutely relishes rich, robust flavors, especially with a spicy kick. My kids will demolish buffalo wings in minutes flat, while my husband douses barbecue ribs in hot sauce. So when I stumbled onto this recipe for seared, blackened chicken smothered in a creamy Cajun Alfredo sauce over pasta, I knew it would be … Read more

Captain Crunch Chicken

  This dinner is a fun treat for our family. First of all, it’s fun just because of what it is – how could sugary cereal on chicken not be fun? And it is a treat because cold cereal is not a common purchase in our house. The inspiration for this dish comes from a … Read more

Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti


I tasted this right after I made it and noticed that the heat increased a little after it had been sitting in the refrigerator for a few hours. So if you are making this ahead of time, you might want to keep that in mind. Have you heard of the E-Cookbooks library? It has over … Read more

Rodeo Chicken Sandwiches


I’m always looking for new and creative ways to use up leftovers. I hate wasting food and leftovers are a great opportunity to transform one meal into an entirely different dish. These rodeo chicken sandwiches are the perfect example – they take boring leftover chicken and turn it into something fun and crave-worthy! The name … Read more

Deviled Chicken


Crispy breaded chicken baked in a spicy mustard and mayo sauce – what’s not to love about deviled chicken? This recipe takes simple pan-fried cutlets up a notch with a quick creamy, tangy coating that packs some heat. The crunchy panko breading keeps its texture, even after baking, for irresistible deviled chicken every time. Deviled … Read more

Apricot Chicken with Garlic and Green Onion Couscous


This dinner is a favorite for those days when there are no stolen moments! It comes together so quickly and tastes delicious. I take 15 minutes while eating breakfast to do some very minimal prep work, and then the rest is done just before we eat. Stop by Grocery Cart Challenge for more recipes.



I know this recipe isn’t necessarily authentic, but it was a hit in our house and it really filled the Cajun food craving I was having. Plus, I didn’t use any ingredients that I wouldn’t normally have on hand, which was the point. The use of two meats might seem un-frugal, but this recipe makes … Read more