Weekly Round Up Allergy Series: Dairy Free Recipes

In case you missed the previous posts, I am doing a 5 part series on recipes for those with dietary allergies or intolerances. Last week I did the Gluten Free Series and can be found here at this link in case you missed it.

Moving on! It was amazingly simple to find dairy free recipes. When you think of all the foods that have some sort of dairy in them, you’d assume that there would be very few left to eat or modify, but I was wrong! Here are some of the best and had some of the best reviews on them. I also made sure to choose things that seemed to me were the ones that I’d miss if I had to give up dairy products (i.e., ranch, ice cream, cheese spread, etc.).

DF Expresso & Sea Salt Cookies via Around My Family Table

DF Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream via Food Wanderings
ranch 1
DF Ranch Dressing via My Whole Food Life
Dairy Free Yogurt
DF Yogurt via Living Without

GF Ham & "Cheese" Scones via Once a Month Mom

DF "Cheese" Spread via Natural New Age Mum

Here are a few of my own recipes that are dairy free:

Pot Roast with Veggie Gravy

Smoky Chicken Skillet
Chilled Roasted Vegetable Salad w/Horseradish-Dijon Dressing

No one in my family has dairy or lactose allergies, so we are big fans of eating it in our house. I’d love to hear some suggestions on modifying recipes that have cheese to be used in a dairy-free way. Please, share with others on our Facebook page or here on the blog for those who may be new to dairy free eating or are thinking about changing their diets!