Mac & Cheese Soup with Veggies


As much as I love cheese soup, I can admit that, on its own, a big bowl does not equate a full meal. So when that was what sounded really good to me the other night, I decided I could tweak it to make it a full meal that would be both filling and satisfying … Read more

Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars


I have tried making granola bars more times than I can count. And every single time, I’m not happy with the end product. I’ll keep trying though. Until I find that perfect recipe, I’m happy making these as a substitute. They’re probably not as good for you as granola bars since they are much closer … Read more

Weekly Round-Up Allergy Series: Gluten Free Recipes

crockpot chicken posole stew 2

Welcome! Click here to grab your FREE Menu Plan + Grocery List!. It seems everywhere we look now a days everyone is advertising gluten free options: restaurants, bakeries, and a lot of mainstream companies.  Having a gluten free diet has been shown to be beneficial for many ailments, including migraines, ADHD, SPD, chronic pain, and … Read more

Breakfast Yummies Weekly Round Up!


I love breakfast. My family loves breakfast. If you do a search on my website for “Breakfast”, 45 pages of recipes will show up.  Per usual, I have included a few of the best recipes I could find from fellow foodie bloggers, as well as a few recipes from my own CDSM collection. Read on … Read more

Cinnamon Raisin Bread


As it gets progressively cooler, I’ve really been enjoying having the oven on and baking whenever I can. I’ve been getting back into baking bread whenever possible and I’m trying to keep a variety of homemade bread always sitting on our counter. The kids can’t seem to get enough of it either. I decided that … Read more

Weekly Round Up Allergy Series: Vegan Recipes


I thought maybe I’d start this WRU with a helpful summary of what the definitions of vegan vs. vegetarian are as they can be quite confused and interchanged frequently. They are similar to many, but to others they are very different. Let’s start with definitions: Vegetarian – A person who does not eat or does … Read more

Maple Oat Bread


  This bread is a huge favorite in our house. It is a wonderful accompaniment to soups, or to any meal for that matter. We even like to warm leftover bread in the microwave with a little honey butter to have for breakfast. Unfortunately, we rarely have any leftovers. In fact, it is so good … Read more

Weekly Round Up: Breakfasts On-the-Go!


Schools back in session. Well, not for most of the schools here in Michigan, but for a lot of schools around the country, school has begun!  I bet many of you are thrilled about it, but the morning rush is so exhausting and frustrating. You don’t want to give them a poptart every morning, right? … Read more

Father’s Day Weekly Round Up!


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Can you believe it’s already Father’s Day weekend? I know I can’t. It seemed like summer was never going to arrive, now it’s already heading toward the end of June! We’re getting ready for our summer vacation, but I … Read more