Blueberry Fritters


I know…I know…this blog has been a bit of blueberry overkill lately. But these fritters were too delicious to not share the recipe. Also, they’d be great for a quick, last minute breakfast on the Fourth of July. With the blueberries and powdered sugar, you’ve got the blue and white covered.   I just love … Read more

The Funny Thing About Vacations…

Is that you don’t cook very much. Which in turn means that you don’t have many recipes or food pictures to post on your cooking blog. And your brain is in vacation mode so it’s not really focused on anything kitchen related. Thus, you have no pearls of wisdom or wit to share with your … Read more

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pretzel Stacks


I just realized that this is the second chocolate-peanut butter combination I’ve made this week. I promise next week will be all about vegetables and fruits and healthy things…maybe. This is a super simple, no-brainer kind of recipe. I wanted to make a quick snack for the kids and I was craving those chow mein … Read more

Welcome to the Virtual Great American Bake Sale


Every year across the United States, Share Our Strength asks people to host bake sales in their communities. These Great American Bake Sales raise funds for after-school and summer feeding programs–food programs that many kids depend on when school is not in session. Share Our Strength is a national organization working to make sure no … Read more

Ultimate Blog Party 09


Welcome to Cooking During Stolen Moments where I’m having an affair with my kitchen. Or in other words, where I sneak away during stolen moments throughout the day to cook. Most days, dinner is done by 1:00 pm and I kiss the dinnertime rush hour good-bye! You can find out more about me and my … Read more