They Can’t All Be Winners

Last night I made a dinner that I was really excited about. I concocted a sour cream-mustard sauce that I knew would be a hit with the family. I decided to pair it with chicken and egg noodles to up its potential even more.

Unfortunately, I was completely wrong. Before I even started eating, my youngest two girls were saying they didn’t like the sauce. Then our oldest turned up her nose at it too. Usually she is our most daring eater who loves a whole variety of flavors.

So I began to wonder if they were on to something. I dug into my plate prepared to prove them wrong. But they were right. That sauce just wasn’t a winner. It didn’t taste bad, but it also didn’t taste good.

I still like my idea and think I might be on to something, but obviously I’m going to need to make some radical changes to my initial idea for it to meet my family’s approval. Oh well…they can’t all be winners.

I bet Jen and Toni had better luck in their kitchens. I love Jen’s fruit salad with strawberry yogurt. That would be such a hit my kiddos! And Toni’s BBQ Pork in the Crock Pot looks so good. I’m definitely planning to make that soon.