The First Bites

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You’d think by the fifth baby, the first few bites of actual food wouldn’t be very exciting any more. But it still is…maybe even more so than with the other kids because there were 4 big siblings that just had to be part of the process. They cheered Jill on each step of the way and they fought over who would get to be the first to feed her. Oh, it was fun. I know the whole process will soon just become another part of our day, but until then, I’m reveling in this new milestone and in my 4 willing helpers.

The first bite was met with a little curiousity…a little uncertainty…a little skepticism. But it made it in and was swallowed after a few hesitant seconds.

By the next few bites, she was starting to question my judgement. There was more food being spit out than swallowed, but she was still tolerating each spoonful.

And then things turned the corner quickly. She went from tolerating to down out refusing, and she was quite vocal in her refusal. So we wrapped up that first feeding. Overall, I’d say it was a success.

And I think Jill recovered quite nicely. We’ll see how feeding number 2 goes. Before I know it, she’ll be eating the same as the rest of the family.