Summertime Recipes To Break That Hot Weather Cooking Rut

I absolutely love the way we eat during the summer. As often as possible, we opt for a cold salad of some kind for dinner. On some really hot nights, nothing tastes better than just a big plate of fresh fruit. Sometimes we’ll go the sandwich route and other times we all crave something a little warm that is a bit more substantial. But the overall theme is summery fare.

Unfortunately, about this time every year, I start to get into a summertime dinner rut. I begin to long for the days when comfort food and soup are on the menu more often than not. But I hate to speed summer up any more quickly than it already moves. So instead, I look for inspiration wherever I can.

If you’re in the same boat as me and could use a little summer meal inspiration to keep you going, here are some summer favorites from our house. Many of these are the meals that I turn to again and again this summer.

BLT Panzanella


Simple Curry Chicken Salad


Ranch Chicken & Bacon Pasta Salad

Simple Chicken & Grape Pasta Salad

Chicken Pesto & Couscous Salad

BLT Pasta Salad

What are some of your favorite summertime meals? And do you get in a seasonal cooking rut like I tend to do?