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Maybe this post isn’t for you. Maybe it’s for your sister though. (And it still could be for you too!)

I have been menu planning for over a decade now. Initially, I did it out of necessity. If I wasn’t careful in planning meals and grocery expenses, we’d be out of food by the end of the month. And after that, I just knew that menu planning made good sense for our finances and for my stress level. Life was just a whole lot easier when I planned our menus.

My education in menu planning was trial by fire. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. It sure would have been nice to have someone plan my meals for me, especially if they could plan meals that our family would like and that would keep our budget where it was supposed to be.

I know there are a lot of other people that feel that way too. Or maybe some just lack the time, inclination or experience to menu plan. Maybe they rely on take-out or eating out on those nights when they’re out of ideas for dinner. In this economy, many people could benefit from having a menu plan that helps them stick to a budget and avoid unnecessary meals out.

That is why I dreamed of starting a menu planning service. I wanted to be able to help with the menu planning, and to do it in a way that fully personalized and yet reasonably priced for any budget.smmp

So I am excited to announce that Stolen Moments Menu Planning is now live!

I’m currently offering an introductory rate of just $7.95 per month for a customized, month long menu plans of dinner (with corresponding, complete grocery lists and other tips, tricks and bonus recipes). Or for just $14.50 per month, I’m offering a complete menu plan that includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinners. (Also with corresponding, complete grocery lists and other tips, tricks and bonus recipes.)

Please head over to take a look at Stolen Moments Menu Planning. It just might be what you need. And if it’s not, I hope you’ll let your sister (or best friend, or co-worker…) know about the service. You can also buy 6 or 12 month subscriptions to gift someone you know with the benefits of menu planning.

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8 thoughts on “Stolen Moments Menu Planning

  1. I’m not usually very interested in food posts (I’m just a burger guy) but your new service is very interesting. Best wishes on your new venture.

  2. What an awesome idea. I can see this working really well for busy moms. Best of luck on your new venture. Bookmarking your blog – and going to try the twice baked potato casserole first. Yum! Jane T.

  3. How can I buy a 6-month subscription to gift my SIL? When I clicked the link it took me to PayPal for a monthly, recurring plan — I want a set plan where I can designate the e-mail address the menus go to. Are those options AFTER the pay screen?

    Also, I’d LOVE to sign up for this but I am about to start the South Beach diet (as recommended by a health professional). Are there customized menu plans for that?

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