Seeking A Little Creative Inspiration

I could use a little help here and luckily for me, I have this little blog and wonderful readers who are incredibly creative and inventive.

Okay, my problem is this – Gracie is turning 4 on Friday and we are having a little birthday party for her. There will probably be 6 to 10 people joining us. That’s not the problem though. Nope, my problem revolves around food.

Gracie has had the menu for her birthday dinner planned out for at least 6 months. I’ve been ignoring her because I was convinced she’d changed her mind at least a dozen times before the actual meal. But that hasn’t happened, so now I’m stuck. Her birthday dinner of choice? Grilled cheese, meatballs and chickpeas.

Grilled cheese, while a little unconventional, is easy. Meatballs are easy. But at the same meal? And what in the world do I do with those chickpeas??

So…can you help a girl out? I could absolutely use any suggestions you might have for me!