Pork Tacos

In my efforts to reduce different habits and procedures in the kitchen this month, I’ve been spending the past few days not spending much time in the kitchen at all. That’s because I’m focusing on finding recipes that take 1/3 less time than usual.

This recipe definitely falls into that category! With a total prep time of about 2 minutes, I’d say this meal requires a LOT more than 1/3 less time. And I’ll admit, it really isn’t a recipe at all. I just can’t conisder anything that requires only 2 ingredients a recipe, can you?

I’ve always loved the combination of chicken cooked in salsa for Mexican meals. In fact, that recipe is one of the most popular on this site and it’s versatility continues to win hearts – mine included. I had never considered using pork in that recipe though. So instead of making that full recipe, I thought I’d just try the super easy, cheater version of that.

Basically, I just put 4 boneless pork chops in a baking dish, dumped a jar of salsa on top and then baked at 250 degrees for about 4-5 hours. Just before we sat down to eat, I shredded the pork and served it up with all the traditional taco fixings.

I know it sounds ridiculously simple (and it is), but it is so good! There’s just something I love about pork that’s been slow-cooked in the oven and shredded. Then when you add that texture and flavor to a taco shell…delicious!

I do have to share one more thing about this “recipe” though. I used a black bean & corn salsa instead of a traditional salsa. That made a huge difference in both taste and texture and I think it’s definitely part of what gave the pork such incredibly good texture. I’d definitely recommend trying it.

What’s your favorite meal to make when you’re looking to spend 1/3 less time in the kitchen?