Only At Nana & Papa’s House

Tonight my parents treated their 7 grandchildren to a special treat – s’mores. While I love s’mores, I have never made them the old-fashioned way at home. It just seemed to messy. But for my parents, a backyard fire pit is a great excuse to indulge the kids a bit.


Nothing but the basics – graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate.


We lined everything up assembly-line style in the house. Then the kids went outside in groups to roast their marshmallows with their papa.


A few minutes of roasting in the fire, ending with a show-stopping flaming marshmallow that required papa’s help to blow it out, and the kids trooped back in to assemble their s’mores.


The kids dug in with a flourish. These s’mores were definitely working for them tonight. And having my parents spoil my kids just a tiny bit is working for me!


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