My Mom Doesn’t Like Peas

I have had 32 years to learn to be picky with what I eat. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. I’d love to learn to give up some of my food quirks and like different foods. For example, I would love to enjoy a fresh, raw tomato. But I can’t. I just can’t do it! Same with raw onions.

I used to stay away from serving those things to my family. It was my choice what to serve, and why would I serve something that I didn’t like?

Then my mom came for a visit. I served peas with dinner. Even though I’ve known my entire life that my mom does NOT eat peas, nor did she ever serve them to us growing up, I still put them on table. I was completely oblivious. She turned to my oldest and said :I bet your mom makes you eat peas, doesn’t she?” That’s when it hit me.

I love peas (fresh or frozen only, thank you) now. I’ve only been eating them for about 12 years though. Initially, I think I liked them out of rebellion. I didn’t want to set my kids up for the same fate. I didn’t want them furtively sneaking fresh tomatoes behind the house when I was out.

That’s when I decided I had to change.

My kids do not know that I don’t like fresh tomatoes. And you what? They all love them! I still can’t eat raw onions, but I do cook with them all the time now. I had no idea how much flavor my dishes were lacking when I left out onions.

I try to never let my impressions of food show, at least not when the kids are around. I know they will have plenty of foods they do not like without my swaying them against my dislikes. I’ll let them come to their own conclusions.

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