My Kitchen-Loving Kids

Ever since Isabelle was born, I’ve done my best to get all of the kids involved in the kitchen in one way or another. And that’s something I’ve stuck with (for the most part) for the past 16 years.

Olivia has by far been the biggest kitchen-helper enthusiast. As soon as she could confidently sit by herself, I began sitting her on the counter right next to whatever I was working on in the kitchen. And until she started kindergarten, that was pretty much the spot where she spent her days, as shown in this picture from 2008.

She obviously learned some good lessons in that time spent in the kitchen with me as she is now a 10-year-old master of the kitchen. She makes breakfast and lunch for herself and her siblings on the weekends, she is in charge of dinner (fully, from start to finish) at least one night a week, and she chooses to binge watch Food Network shows over any other TV show.

So, it’s not surprising that Jill has developed a kitchen love all her own. However, her love in the kitchen is tied in to her primary love – YouTube videos.

I now present…Jill in the Kitchen, Episode 1.