Mother’s Day Luxury

I am usually all about keeping things fairly frugal. I’m also usually all about simple gifts. Two of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are a pair of funky socks and an awesome vegetable peeler. What can I say…I’m a simple girl!

But this…

This just might make me rethink my simplicity and frugality if even for just a minute.

“Luxury” ice cream. “Designer” ice cream. Those are two adjectives I’ve never associated with ice cream before. Yet when I first saw Cowabunga Ice Cream’s website, I was smitten. I mean seriously, do you see that ice cream? How yum does that look?

I sure wouldn’t turn away a quart of that as a Mother’s Day gift, would you?

I’ll be sharing a few other Mother’s Day gift ideas that I’ve stumbled across recently over the next few days. Most will be practical and more my usual speed, but the rest will fall under the sometimes-it’s-fun-to-go-crazy category. (And for the record, $13.99/quart ice cream definitely falls into that category!) I’m not the only one that could crazy over some gourmet foods and kitchen supplies, am I?

Disclaimer: These Mother’s Day posts will all fall under the category of unsolicited, non-affiliate link, just because I feel like it posts.