Making It Easier For You

With you, my wonderful readers, at the forefront of my mind, I’ve been making a few changes around here – changes that I am so excited about! A new recipe format and a mini blog facelift should help make things a little easier for you.


The blog has been cleaned up a bit with a more organized format and a wider column for the recipes. There is a print option embedded at the bottom of each post that is accessible right from the home page. Also, there is a Recipe Index that has a comprehensive listing of every recipe on this site organized by category. Huge thanks to my friend Joy from Five Js Design for her quality work, as always! If you subscribe in a reader or via email, click over and check out the new digs!


My goal here has always been to provide delicious recipes that can be made during stolen moments so that you can reduce your stress in the kitchen. I make every recipe I share during spare chunks of time throughout the day. Now, it’s even easier for you to implement that method in your own kitchens. The process steps for each recipe will be broken down into timed chunks based on how much time they should take.

Instead of numbering the steps like I used to do and including some prep work within the ingredient list, I am now using incremental stopwatches. Each step requires only that much free time to complete.

(5 Minutes Free)

(10 Minutes Free)

(15 Minutes Free)


You can tell at a glance how much time you’ll need to prepare each recipe and how frequently you’ll need to steal away to your kitchen for a little one-on-one time. This should make implementing the stolen moments method even easier than before.

I hope you’ll use the method to your advantage! If you have a larger chunk of time, complete two or more steps. If you know you have a packed day ahead of you, tackle the first step or two the night before. As always, the recipes can be fully completed and just reheated when needed or the last step can be completed just before eating. Let the method work for you and your family in just exactly the way you need it to!

Has the new format been making sense so far?

Are there any recipes (whether from the archives here or another family favorite) that you’d like to see broken down in that format? If so, please email me and let me know. I’d love to help!

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