Junior-Sized Baking Day

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Whenever Crystal posts about doing a baking day, I always get a little excited to doing some extra baking, whether I was planning to or not. It worked rather nicely this week since  I really needed to get some done but couldn’t find the motivation.

So I decided to do a few things and have a mini baking day. I really couldn’t do too much since my freezer is pretty packed right now. On the flip side though, the more I baked, the more we’d have yummy things to snack on. That’s both good (if you’re my husband or kids) and bad (if you’re me who’s still trying to lose 10 pounds but can’t resist a fresh-baked cookie).

Here is what I accomplished today:

I’ll be the first to admit that the quantity is not very impressive. But the quality? Oh yeah! Everything was so good I had to force myself to walk away from the kitchen.

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