Ice Cream For Breakfast

Would you? Could you? Should you?

Last week, I made one of the kids’ favorite breakfasts – baked oatmeal. I used my friend Lynn’s recipe for Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal (and tossed in a few handful of chocolate chips, per my friend Joy’s suggestion). Every baked oatmeal breakfast I’ve ever made has been a hit with the kids, but this one is definitely a favorite with that peanut butter-chocolate combination.

Usually when we have baked oatmeal, the kids like a few splashes of milk poured on top of their servings. Not only is the milk a great way to quickly cool down their fresh-from-the-oven portions, but it also makes the baked oatmeal nice and creamy and eliminates any dryness.

So when I was warming up leftover baked oatmeal for breakfast on the second day, you can imagine my frustration when I realized we were out of milk. I was resigned to serving up the oatmeal without the usual few splashes of milk. Then I had a thought. We had vanilla ice cream in the freezer. That would work…right?

Honestly, what is ice cream but sugar, cream, eggs and milk? (Well, at the least the better brands.) Aren’t those all ingredients that make a regular appearance on our breakfast tables from time to time in one form or another anyway?

As I scooped out the ice cream, I clearly remembered a few instances from my childhood when my mom let me have ice cream for breakfast. And if I remember right, she used the same rationale I just mentioned. It makes sense to me.

Ice cream for breakfast definitely will not become an every day, or even regular, thing at our house, but I think it will be okay on rare, special occasions (or in emergency situations). The kids thought I was the “BEST MOM EVER” when they saw their breakfast dishes and I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. Works for me!

Since then, I’ve been thinking this would make for a fun discussion. So my question is this – Would you ever serve ice cream for breakfast? What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss!

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