I Heart Panera

Disclosure: I have been compensated by Panera Bread for the following post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I have not been paid to write positive remarks. My addiction to soup in sourdough bread bowls is an ongoing habit that I don’t see myself kicking any time soon!

If you had to choose a favorite place to go for a quick breakfast or lunch by yourself, where would you choose? Without a doubt, I would pick Panera! Honestly, I fantasize about sitting at a table in Panera all by myself with just a good book or my laptop to keep me company.

When we moved into our new house in June, I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to discover a Panera less than 5 minutes away. Seriously…5 minutes! In fact, on the day we moved in, while my husband was at our old house loading up the moving truck, I took the kids to Panera. We ordered soups and sandwiches and brought them back to our new house. We spread out a picnic on the dining room floor and enjoyed our very first meal at the new house. Since then, the kids beg for Panera on a frequent basis.

Are you a fan of Panera? If you are, what is your favorite thing to eat there? For me, it’s either a thick, creamy soup in a bread bowl or the 1/2 sandwich-soup or salad combo. It’s always a tough choice deciding which way to go. And if I opt for the combo, choosing the sandwich and which soup or salad is an even harder process.

When my mom was here for a few days after Jill was born, I professed my love for Panera several times. She made a special trip there on her last morning here to pick me up a pastry and cup of coffee for breakfast. And since my mom has a tendency to spoil her daughters (and share what we like for Christmas gift ideas), I’ve been the happy recipient of a few Panera gift cards since then.

I can’t wait to use the last of one of those gift cards to try Panera’s new salad, Thai Chicken Chopped Salad, which debuted on January 12th. I always love Asian-inspired salads, so I know this one will quickly become a favorite for me. Although that’s probably not such a good thing for me considering the difficulties I already have with deciding what to order. Oh the dilemma!

You can get more info on the new salad or the new Breakfast Power Sandwich at the Panera Bread website. You can also find the full menu, lots of information and the oh, so drool-worthy photos of their food. Did you know they also have recipes there? I just discovered that and I can’t wait to try some! You can also follow Panera on twitter (@panerabread) or facebook.

Any other Panera fans out there? I’d love to hear what your favorite Panera item is!