How to Reuse Your Beautiful Dyed Easter Eggs – Weekly Round Up!

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I don’t know about you, but every Easter I look at all the eggs my family decorated and think, “WHAT A WASTE!” Of course it was fun, but after Easter, what do we all end up doing with them? Eating them for DAYS. Is there anything else we can do with them on top of making them into tasty meals? I thought I’d make a weekly round up of ideas to help with reusing or repurposing the colorful eggs from Easter.
I’m breaking this down into food, decorating with them, and using the leftover carton in a nontraditional way.

FOOD – Here are some of my favorite recipes for using up hard boiled eggs:

American Deviled Eggs via The Candid Cook

8 Layer Salad via The Meaning of Pie

Egg Salad via Bella Eats

DECORATION  – Reusing Egg Shells:

Egg Shell Candles via Paint Cut Paste

Egg Shell Seed Pots (grow your own food!) via Just 5 More Minutes

Easter craft with toddlers

Egg Shell Art (great for toddlers!) via Blog Me Mom

Egg-stra Special Earrings via Naughty Secretary Club

What about the CARTON?:

DIY Egg Carton Wreath via Homemade Serenity

Egg carton blocks

Egg Carton Building Blocks via Parenting

Chocolate FILLED Strawberries via LilyShop

There were so many different recipes, ways to use egg shells that weren’t decorations (supplement your dog’s food, anyone?), and repurposing egg cartons, that it was hard to decide what to use in this blog.  I am happy to see I am not the only one who wonders how else to use every part of Easter eggs besides just eating them and trashing them.

Who is going to try any of these? I am definitely going to be using the egg shell plants and decorating carton blocks for the kids. Cheap fun for both Mommy and the young ones!

Hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Easter with their families!