How To Cut Cantaloupe

We love cantaloupe. We love honeydew. And we love watermelon. And as much as I love serving these healthy and well-loved fruits to my family, I used to dread the whole cutting-up process.

But one day, my husband and I stumbled on this method as we were cutting a cantaloupe. It truly is an easy way to cut a cantaloupe, or any melon for that matter. Now that I’ve gotten it down, I can cut a whole cantaloupe in under 5 minutes. Plus, I think there is a lot less waste this way than when you use a melon baller.

1. Cut cantaloupe in half, scoop out seeds and cut each half into slices.


2. For each slice, cut pieces into slice without cutting all the way.


3. Slide a knife along the inside of each slice, detaching the individual pieces from the rind as you go.

That’s it. It gets easier the more you do it too. Just watch your fingers!