Ham & Pineapple Casserole


I have fond memories of a pineapple & Ritz cracker casserole that my mom made a few times when I was growing up. I’m not sure what it was about that dish that has stuck in my mind because it wasn’t a frequently made item nor was it a special occasion item. But yet there … Read more

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Frizzled Lunch Meat


Although lunch meat is not daily fare in our house, it does make an appearance on our lunch plates at regular intervals. I gotta admit, every so often there is nothing better to me than a ham sandwich made with toasted bread and mayonnaise. And the rest of the family would never turn down a … Read more

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Using Up That Leftover Ham –


If you’re like me, I bet you may have some leftover Easter ham to use up. If my husband had his way, we’d be eating ham sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it was gone. Instead, we’ll be dining on ham sandwiches tonight and the rest of the ham will make a repeat appearance … Read more

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There are lots of ways to make ramaki and I have never been able to determine which variation is the authentic one. But authentic or not, this is a great appetizer. Plus, can anything wrapped in bacon not taste good? I think I need to start wrapping more things in bacon! We are definitely hooked … Read more

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Ham and Cheese Crepes


Crepes are so versatile. We like them with syrup, bananas foster sauce, or other sweet fillings for breakfast. They can be filled with a savory filling for dinners. Or they can be the base of a hot fudge sundae or chocolate sauce for dessert. The possibilities are endless. Whenever I make crepes, I always make … Read more

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Sweet & Sour Ham


My husband loves Sweet & Sour Chicken. In fact, it is the only thing he ever orders when we (rarely) order Chinese food. He also loves ham. A LOT! I think he would eat ham every single day, for every single meal if he could. So I thought…why not combine the two? Thus, sweet & … Read more

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Ranch Cheesy Potatoes & Ham


Unfortunately, our family loves cheese. We probably spend at least $45 a month on cheese. We also love potatoes. So this dish is at the top of our list. We have just plain cheesy potatoes as a side dish, regular cheesy potatoes and ham or sausage, and sometimes I like to mix things up a … Read more

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Cheddar Potato & Ham Soup

Cheddar Potato & Ham Soup   Head over to BooMama’s for the Souptacular Crockpotalooza.

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