Get Your Daily Deal Fix

Have you noticed the increasing number of local “daily deal email” companies?  There are lots of options out there for people who love taking advantage of deals. My family definitely falls into that category! Our budget doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room for non-essentials. But like everyone else, we do enjoy the occasional splurge.

So when we can indulge in that for half-off or more, we are all over it! Two of my favorite places to find deals like that are Groupon and Zulily.

Groupon offers all kinds of deals for local establishments as well as some nationwide or online. I’ve even been able to purchase $20 worth of groceries for just $10 from a local high-end grocery store.

Zulily is different from Groupon in that it focuses on deals for moms, kids and babies. We’ve got plenty of those around our house!

I get an email from each of these places every day. If the daily offer is something I have no interest in, I just delete it. If it’s something I want to think about, I’ll star the email in my inbox and come back to it later in the day. And if it’s an offer I definitely want, I jump on it right away. For some reason, the deals that involve food always seem to be the ones that catch my eye.

Are you signed up with Groupon or Zulily? If you are, have you gotten any really great deals?

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