Foodie Fave Five with Good Cheap Eats

In our house, we are all about food that tastes good but is still cheap to make. That’s why Jessica’s site, Good Cheap Eats, really resonates with me. She definitely knows a thing or two about making delicious meals with frugality in mind.

On top of that, Jessica is a fan of freezer cooking.  Her freezer meals make you realize that food for your freezer doesn’t have to fit in a tidy, casserole-shaped box. Just those two facts alone make me a fan! Once you take the time to read her posts and get to know her, you feel like more than a fan; you feel like a friend.

So I’m thrilled to share with you the Top 5 Freezer Friendly recipes from Good Cheap Eats. Enjoy!

Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Bacon and Spinach Quiche

Garlic Focaccia

Chicken and Wild Rice Bake

Applesauce Walnut Bread

Jessica Fisher, aka FishMama, is chief cook and bottle washer to seven adorable people, aged 1 to 40something. She shares parenting tips at LifeasMOM as well delicious ways to act your wage at Good Cheap Eats. (And she’s in love with her deep freeze….)

Do you want to share 5 of your family’s favorite recipes? I’d love to feature you here, whether or not you have a blog. Please leave me a comment letting me know that you’re interested or send me an email and I’ll be in touch ASAP.