Brown Sugar Chicken


Brown Sugar Chicken is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Perfect for making in the InstantPot or Multi-Cooker. Tender and delicious.

Stuffed Jalapeno Chicken Rolls

jalapeno chicken filling

Every Friday night, Eric and I have a date-night-at-home while the kids have what we’ve affectionately dubbed “fun night.” That basically means that they get to have a fun dinner of frozen foods or convenience foods that they’re in charge of making. This is usually a sampling of different frozen appetizers, or frozen pizzas, or … Read more

Chicken Brie Spaghetti

A fast-yet-fancy recipe for Chicken Brie Spaghetti that can be on the table in just about 15 minutes. An easy and delicious recipe for the whole family.

Guest Post: Easy Chicken Fajitas


I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have never eaten fajitas! I always love smell them at restaurants, and always say that that’s what I’ll order next time, but it just never happens. And as for making them, it’s pretty much the same thing. I tell myself to add fajitas to our weekly … Read more

Lemon Chicken & Broccoli with Rice


Here in Michigan, Coney Island restaurants are a staple. You’ll find one in nearly every strip mall and it’s rare to drive more than a block or two on a main road without seeing at least one, at least in the Detroit-area. The restaurants serve Greek-American style food in addition to the ever popular Coney … Read more

Creamy Chicken & Rice Soup


I am so not a photographer. I might play one here on this little blog, but considering I have to take a least twenty shots to find one I’m even remotely happy with, I’d say I most certainly fall into that amateur-wannabe category. And that’s okay. For the most, I’m fortunate enough to get some … Read more

Creamy Chicken Marinara


For some reason, any time I’m trying to come up with a quick dinner idea my mind always instantly goes to something that involves tomato sauce. Maybe it’s because I know that’s one flavor that will always be a hit with the kids. Who knows? But whatever the reason, one thing I know for sure … Read more

Crock Pot Country Chicken


I think my crock pot is the most under-used appliance in my kitchen, which always baffles me. Not only do I love crock pot meals but using the crock pot fits perfectly with my stolen moments method. So it’s beyond me why I don’t use it more. I’m hoping to use it more often over … Read more

Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese


Let me tell you a little story to further give evidence of my ineptitude in kitchen. Because unfortunately, my failures rank right up there with my successes. You don’t see them too much here, obviously. I know I probably wouldn’t be too trusting of recipes posted by someone who admits defeat as often in the … Read more