Holiday Memories & Walmart Giveaway

I think most people will agree that the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, is a favorite time of year. I know it’s always been one of my favorites. For me, it’s a time full of tradition and memories – both from my own childhood and from the traditions and memories we are building … Read more

A Little Bit Of Christmas


Christmas has been a little subdued at our house for the past two years. Our house has been on the market and many of our Christmas decorations are packed away in storage. So, we’ve made do with what’s on hand. Plus, there’s the fact that my father-in-law is Santa Claus. It’s virtually impossible to be … Read more

Tips To Help You Share Your Season

The following is a guest post from Gina who blogs at Change Becomes Change. Gina has some great information and tips on Sharing Your Season with Share Our Strength. The holidays are here and that often means cookies, cocktail parties and special meals with friends and family. For me, the holidays have always had a … Read more

Cooking With Kids

Cooking with works for me

I think I’m finally getting all caught up on everything around here, from laundry to sending out menu plans for Stolen Moments Menu Planning. It’s definitely been a crazy two weeks. I’ve been so glad over the past few days that I have a whole plethora of quick and easy recipes to choose from and … Read more

A Day For Baking


I love baking days! I’ve been doing both baking and cooking days for a few years now and they save me an enormous amount of stress and time. Not to mention it makes taking advantage of those stolen moments that much easier! And today was possibly one of the most fun baking days I’ve ever … Read more

Top 10 Freezer Cooking Recipes


Freezer cooking is probably my most valuable use of cooking during stolen moments. There is no better feeling than knowing that I have a whole host of meals to choose from in my freezer. I always slack off a little (okay, a LOT) with my freezer cooking habits in the summer. Partially it’s because the … Read more

Pain Au Chocolat – The Cheater Version


When I was growing up, one of my favorite treats was the chocolate-filled croissant from Vie De France bakery at our local mall.  When I moved to Michigan, I was sad to realize that the Vie De France chain did not have any stores in the area. So I quickly realized I’d have to come … Read more

How To Cut Cantaloupe


We love cantaloupe. We love honeydew. And we love watermelon. And as much as I love serving these healthy and well-loved fruits to my family, I used to dread the whole cutting-up process. But one day, my husband and I stumbled on this method as we were cutting a cantaloupe. It truly is an easy … Read more

Homemade Cracker Jack


For my son’s baseball-themed birthday party this weekend, I wanted to serve peanuts and cracker jack. I just thought it wouldn’t be much of a baseball party without them. We found the peanuts without a problem, but the cracker jack was another story. Have they stopped making Cracker Jack? We looked everywhere and couldn’t find … Read more

Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread – A Flop…For Now


As if I needed to prove yet again that my kitchen experiments don’t always turn out as planned, I present you with this horrific flop. I wanted to recreate the Raspberry Cream Cheese Bread that Great Harvest Bread Co. sells. Last time I attempted a re-creation of one of their breads (this pizza bread) it … Read more