Bertello Pizza Oven {Review & Buying Guide}

Wondering if the Bertello Pizza Oven is the best option for making a wood-fired pizza? Is it worth the price and the Shark Tank-hype? Find out in this comprehensive review and buying guide.

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The Bertello Pizza Oven was originally introduced to the public via a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2017.

After that, it rose to fame and widespread prominence as a result of a Shark Tank appearance and subsequent successful deal with “Mr. Wonderful” himself, investor Kevin O’Leary.

But, aside from its time in the spotlight, does the Bertello Pizza Oven really live up to the hype? Is it the best pizza oven for you?

Let’s find out!

Introduction to the Bertello Pizza Oven

According to the Bertello website, their pizza oven is the “most popular gas and Neapolitan wood fired pizza oven for achieving authentic brick oven pizza!”

The company was founded in 2017 by brothers Eric and Andy Bert. Their entrepreneurial backgrounds, combined with their love for pizza, created the perfect marriage to successfully launch.

The brothers’ core product is the Bertello Wood Fire & Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven. They designed it to be “the easiest to use, most authentic gas, charcoal and wood fired outdoor pizza oven to everyone at an affordable price!” 

The oven reaches temperatures of over 930 degrees Fahrenheit (500 degrees Celsius). At that temperature, it can cook a Neapolitan pizza in less than 2 minutes!


Cooking at temperatures above 930 degrees Fahrenheit (much hotter than your standard in house oven) results in a pizza with a crisp outside, tender inside and perfectly-fired crust.

The Bertello Wood Fired Pizza Oven runs on gas, charcoal or wood, making it extremely versatile.

There are many features that have made this pizza oven a favorite among foodies, backyard chefs, and everyone in between. These include:

  • High Quality Construction
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Gas, Charcoal, or Wood Fueled

Every Bertello comes with a durable cordierite baking stone that is designed to handle extreme temperatures so that you can cook authentic brick oven pizzas and achieve a nice crispy finish.

Dimensions, Attachments and Accessories

The dimensions of the Bertello Pizza Oven are as follows:

  • Length: 24 inches (with multi-fuel tray installed)
  • Width: 14 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds (9.9 kg)
  • Height (with legs extended): 11 inches
  • Height (with legs folded up): 8.25 inches
  • Length with Gas Burner Attached: 33 inches
  • Cooking Surface: 12.5 inches wide x 13.5 inches deep

For an additional cost, you can purchased an add-on gas burner which comes with wood tray so that you can cook with wood and gas at the same time.

You can also purchase three other accessories for your pizza oven. The available accessories are:

  • Bertello Pizza Peel
  • Bertello Weatherproof Cover
  • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

Every Bertello comes with an oven tray that allows you to cook with wood, charcoal or wood pellets.

If you prefer to cook with the wood pellet option, you can use any commercially-available wood pellets. This is helpful because it means that you don’t need to make a special purchase.

Wood pellets are a newer option for grilling and outdoor cooking that include many benefits.  They help you grill food easily, more evenly and with less smoke. Additionally, wood pellets give off less acrid smoke as compared to conventional grills and smokers.

Bertello Pizza Oven Varieties & Price

There are four different options you can purchase.

#1 – Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven – $299.99

This is the original, basic optional. It has the following features:

  • Charcoal and Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven (Optional Gas Burner Attachment Sold Separately) 
  • Cook at over 930 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius)
  • Charcoal, Wood or Pellets (Gas Burner Sold Separately)
  • 12.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep cooking surface
  •  Cordierite Stone included
  • Wood/Charcoal/Pellet Tray included
  • (Note: Gas burner available as separate add-on)

#2 – Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven + Pizza Peel Combo – $319.99

The original, with the addition of the pizza peel. This key piece of equipment makes the pizza making process much easier as you can safely and easily take your fired pizza out of the oven.

The features of this option are as follows:

  • Authentic Gas, Charcoal and Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven. 
  • Cook at over 930 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius)
  • Use Gas, Charcoal, Wood or Pellets
  • 12.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep cooking surface
  • Cordierite Stone included
  • Wood/Charcoal/Pellet Tray included
  • Perforated Steel Pizza Peel
  • (Note: Gas burner available as separate add-on)

#3 – Bertello Pizza Oven, Pizza Peel, Weather Proof Cover, Infrared Thermometer – COMBO Pack – $349.99

The combo pack includes all of the available Bertello accessories, with the exception of the gas attachment.

It includes:

  • Bertello Pizza Oven, Pizza Peel, Weather Proof Cover, Infrared Thermometer.
  • Pizza Peel: 12″ wide x 14″ long Stainless Steel Perforated Blade with Wooden Handle. Overall length of 23.7″.
  • Weather proof cover for the Bertello Oven and propane gas burner. (Covers both the Oven and Gas Burner, while gas burner is attached)
  • Infrared Non-contact Thermometer to measure the stone temp. Up to 1000 degrees F.
  • Pizza Stone
  • Standard wood tray for use of charcoal/wood chunks or kindling
  • (Note: Gas burner available as separate add-on)

#4 – Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven – Full Bundle – $399.99

You’ll get everything you need with this full bundle, including the gas burner attachment.

This bundle comes with all of the following:

  • Gas Burner & Wood Tray for Gas Burner included (Allowing you to cook with wood and gas at the same time)
  • Cordierite Stone included
  • Wood/Charcoal/Pellet Tray included
  • Perforated Steel Pizza Peel
  • Authentic Gas, Charcoal and Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven. 
  • Cook at over 930 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius)
  • Use Gas, Charcoal, Wood or Pellets
  • 12.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep cooking surface
  • Cordierite Stone included
  • Wood/Charcoal/Pellet Tray included
  • Perforated Steel Pizza Peel

What users have to say:

Three out of the the four Bertello Pizza Oven packages are available on Amazon. The Full Bundle is only available at

Of these three options, they have an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviewers. Portability, ease of assembly, and value for the money are the most frequently mentioned top features.

Here is a sampling of what some Amazon reviews have to say:

 I love that the fuel tray is quite large so I don’t constantly need to add fuel. I also like that I can burn pellets, charcoals, wood chinks, etc. I have found wood chunks to be my favorite and to use a small, USB powered fan to blow into the fuel chamber to give a hotter burn. The oven is fairly light and easy to transport if needed (we have taken it camping). Build quality is nice and sturdy.

Danielle, 5-stars

Easy to use, great quality, outdoor pizza oven that cooks pizzas to perfection. I like that you can use charcoal or wood/pellets. We also use the oven for a lot more than just pizzas, super fun to use. I really like the look of it as well, sharp design and extremely portable, very lightweight. A great buy – I would HIGHLY recommend! We enjoy cooking pizzas with the entire family – And the kids love the pizza!

John, 5-stars

We love this pizza oven! It makes homemade pizza that is better than pizzeria pizza. The oven is compact and portable. We opted for the propane option with the wood chip insert. It’s a little tricky to light, and you need to practice to get the cooking method just right. We live in a hot, humid climate that can be windy at times, so you need to take the weather conditions into consideration when cooking pizzas. Because the oven operates at such a high temperature, you need to work quickly and rotate the pizza about every 30 seconds to avoid overcooking the crust. Once you get the process down, you will be amazed at how good your pizza is. We look forward to pizza night at least once a week!

Kristine, 5-stars

The oven arrived in perfect condition and was simple to get ready. There not much documentation on using the oven but i did find some useful you tube videos. This was a Christmas present and so far has only been used once. You really do have to plan on 90 minutes to get it up to temperature and even then the crust wasn’t as crispy as I’d hoped. More work to be done there. I think this will be more of an event gadget than an everyday option; fun for a pizza party gathering but not for dinner after work.

Ernie, 4-stars

Only a half dozen pizzas in, but this little oven is anything but easy to use. Does not come with any instructions for how to light and maintain heat successfully so be prepared for some frustrating time getting this going and keeping the heat for your pizzas. Some of the black paint is already peeling. Love the idea and will keep working on perfecting the process, but not much to help me along the way.

Skye, 3-stars

Pros and Cons

Overall, the general consensus of the Bertello Pizza Oven is that it is an awesome option for making wood fired pizzas at home.

The most frequently mentioned “pros” are:

  • Is easy to set up and use
  • Makes a great pizza
  • Is extremely portable
  • Is quality-made
  • Is a good value for the money

And the most frequently mentioned “cons” are:

  • There may be a learning curve if you’re not familiar with making wood-fired pizzas.
  • The cooking area is a little small.

What can I cook in a Bertello Pizza Oven?

Beyond making fantastically delicious pizzas, the Bertello is also a multi-purpose oven. There are many other things that you can cook in it when using a cast iron skillet.

For example, you can cook delicious cast iron steaks or vegetables. Give lobster or fish a try, too!


How do you bake a Bertello Pizza?

Because the Bertello heats up to 930 degrees F, you can bake up your pizza in just 2 minutes!

What are the dimensions of the Bertello Pizza Oven?

The oven is 24″ long by 14″ wide and it weighs 22 pounds. The cooking surface is 12.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep.

Is it worth the price?

If you think you’ll use the Bertello Pizza Oven on a regular basis (at least one a month, or multiple times per month over the summer), it’s definitely worth the price. It’s a value option compared to other pizza ovens on the market but the overall quality is just as good.

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