Bacon Cheeseburger Biscuit Cups


Our kids love any kind of dinner that they can eat with their hands. I’m sure this is a pretty common thing with lots of other kids too. And although I keep waiting for them to grow out of this habit, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I guess that’s because I kind of … Read more

Pot Roast with Veggie Gravy


Pot roast isn’t a standard weekly or even monthly meal in our house and sometimes that makes me a little sad. I’d love to have a ritual like that. A Sunday roast is just so classic, isn’t it? Honestly though, I think we’d all get a little tired of that and it would lose the … Read more

Ground Beef & Green Bean Skillet


We are counting down the days of summer and I can’t believe we’re already at less than 3 weeks before the kids head back to school. Feelings are torn around our house – some of us are super excited and others, not so much. Personally, I fall into that not so much category. I love … Read more

Steak & Potato Salad


I think Sundays are my favorite day of the week in the summertime. We spend the day together, not doing much of anything at all, running a few errands or enjoying the weather and just being outside with each other. Then at some point it occurs to us all that we should probably eat something. … Read more

Meat & Potato Pie


As a food blogger, my camera is never far away. I don’t start cooking unless I know that my camera is within reach. It’s become a habit that I rarely even think about anymore – I cook…I snap, I stir…I snap, I plate…I snap. Such is life. So it’s unusual for me to put food … Read more

Tuscan Beef Stew


Ok, I realize I’m pushing it a bit here. The calendar says March 30th. It says SPRING. But we’ve yet to really feel that around here. So I hope you all don’t mind me sneaking in just one more cold-weather dish. Believe me, I am more than ready to switch seasons in my kitchen!

Sloppy Joe Biscuit Pizza


Two of the favorite recipes in my go-to arsenal are my biscuit recipe and my basic sloppy joe recipe. Both of those recipes are extremely versatile and fun to play around with. So combining them is a pretty easy choice. Add to that the fact that homemade pizza is a family favorite and I’m sure … Read more

Tamale Pie


I had a bit of a frustrating day in the kitchen today. I worked on a recipe that I’ve been dreaming of making for a few years now. It’s a recipe for homemade crullers (aka Crushiki in Polish) that I always loved as a kid when my grandma would bring me a package. I haven’t … Read more

Swiss Steak Stew


By now I’ve made my love for soup quite clear. Stew falls into that soup category for sure. Whenever a meal involves a ladle and bowls, I am most definitely a happy camper! I first attempted to make Swiss Steak just over a year ago. It was an attempt to re-create a dish made by … Read more

Beef & Cranberry Ragout


Experimenting with new beef recipes has been on my list for years. I’m embarrassed to say that most of my beef cooking experience revolves around ground beef. It’s a shame really! My family always enjoys when I make different kinds of beef, so I think I just need to get over my fears. Even with … Read more