Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner

I am so excited to share the news about a new project I’m involved with, and I hope you’ll join me! This is going to be such a fun adventure to participate in and to be a part of.

beeflogoThe National Cattleman’s Beef Association just launched a fun new program called “It’s What’s For Dinner Wednesdays.” This is a weekly challenge that introduces one new recipe a week to help us all find new and healthy ways to incorporate beef in our dinners.

Each Wednesday, there will be a new recipe link on the NCBA Facebook page. And then the following Friday, the NCBA will do a round-up of links on their Facebook page from everyone who participated in the challenge. Each participant will also have a chance to win a Beef Cooking Gift Bag that includes a copy of The Healthy Beef Cookbook, a set of Crate & Barrel Grilling Tools, Sur La Table Mini-Steak Thermometers, a reusable shopping bag and other items to help you shop for and cook healthy beef meals.

I am so excited to try out some great new beef recipes! I’ll be posting my version of the NCBA’s weekly recipe each week. I hope you’ll join me in trying out some great new beef recipes also.

There are 9 other bloggers working with the NCBA throughout this program, so be sure to follow them to check out their versions of each weekly recipe.

The recipe for next week looks incredible – East Meets West Burgers. I am really looking forward to putting my own spin on this recipe and creating a great burger. My husband is definitely looking forward to it too!

If you participate, I’d love to see how your burger turns out! Please leave me a comment so that I can come check it out. And don’t forget to share your review of the recipe with the NCBA so that you can included in the round-up each Friday.