Mexican Chicken & Black Bean Filling

I was shocked to realize that I had not yet copied this recipe over here from my personal blog, A Simple Walk. This is one of  my very favorite recipes. I make it monthly and have a few bags in the freezer at all times. I love it because it is so versatile, so frugal, … Read more

Homemade Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas


I have a confession to make – I like Taco Bell. We eat it very rarely, maybe once every 3 months or so, but I always look forward to it. And it’s kind of funny. I don’t know why I look forward to it. Every time we get it I’m disappointed. It just never tastes … Read more

Sausage Smothered White Beans


I love meals with beans in them. I think part of the reason is because my mom does not like beans and we never ate them when I was growing up. It’s funny, but they always kind of seemed like a treat to me. Beans were “restaurant food” for me. So now that I control … Read more

Oven-Roasted Chickpeas

It is hard to describe just how good these are. They’re salty, a little crunchy, a little spicy…basically all things delicious. The chickpeas work great as a snack, an appetizer in place of nuts, or on top of a salad.  

BBQ Beef & Bean Cornbread Casserole


This recipe is a favorite with both my husband and my father-in-law. It’s a great meal to make ahead of time because the extra sitting time allows the flavors to blend nicely. This casserole freezes well as is (after being baked) or you can just freeze the beef and bean combination in a freezer bag … Read more

Chickpea, Bacon & Spinach Pasta

I shared this recipe back in October on A Simple Walk. It is on my menu plan again this week for the first time since then. I’m looking forward to making and eating it again. Last time I made this, I made it all the way up to adding the pasta. Then I put the … Read more

Black Bean & Ham Soup


This recipe is a favorite in our house. I only make it twice a year because I like the authentic flavor of using a ham bone. So, after each Christmas and Easter, we all get excited because we know what’s coming! Fortunately, this recipe makes a huge batch and provides enough soup to freeze at … Read more

Lentil & Rice Burritos


These burritos make a wonderfully frugal, meat-free, delicious meal. The texture of the lentil and rice combination is surprising similar to ground meat too.

Mexican Black Bean Rice Bowls


My original menu plan for this week called for black bean & rice stuffed wet burritos. But I just didn’t feel up to making tortillas today because I had so much after the weekend catch-up to tackle. So I decided to improvise and turn the filling into rice bowls instead. It turned out deliciously! I … Read more