Baseball Cake Pops

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I fell in love with Bakerella’s cake pops a few months ago. I knew I had to make them ASAP. Well, ASAP turned into about 3 months, but I’m glad to say I’ve finally tackled this project.

We had a party for our son’s fifth birthday on Sunday. We were having a baseball-themed party and I knew the cake pops would make great baseballs. So even though I am neither crafty or a cake decorator, I thought I’d give it a shot.


I’m so glad I did. They are not the prettiest things and they definitely pale in comparison to Bakerella’s edible masterpieces, but they were delicious and definitely a hit at the party.

I let my son choose the cake/frosting combo. (I used boxed cake mix and a tub of frosting because I did not want to risk any mess ups.) He went with chocolate cake and vanilla cream cheese frosting.


I did learn a few tips during the process.

  1. For your first time, make two boxes worth of cake. That way, you don’t have to worry about running out or making mistakes. p7168508
  2. Make the cake balls a few days ahead of time and freeze them in freezer bags. That way, when you are ready to decorate, you can just get right to it. Plus, the frozen cake balls are easier to handle.
  3. If you can’t find lollipop sticks, bamboo skewers work just fine.
  4. A thicker coating of the melted white chocolate is easier to get smooth than a thin coating. So buy more chocolate than you think you’ll need also.
  5. If you lack artistic skills like I do, just go for it anyhow. Don’t focus too much on the how the finished product will look or you’ll just get nervous and make more mistakes. When I just did it, they looked better than when I focused on getting them perfect.
  6. Make sure the ratio of cake to frosting is accurate, according to Bakerella’s instructions. If you have too much frosting, the balls will be too heavy and they’ll fall down the sticks. You can see the few I lost to that fate in this picture.p7198538

I’ll definitely try making these again. They’re unique and so good. Plus, I think the more you do them, the easier they will be.

If you’ve ever made them and have any other tips for me, I’d love to hear them.

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