Ask The Readers: Cooking Dried Beans

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Erin left a question in the comment section of the Spicy Tuna Skillet post last week that I felt deserved its own post. I have the exact same problem she does so I’m not much help in answering her. But I thought maybe you’d all have some insight to share, so please…share away!

One of my more recent favorite inexpensive proteins is black beans. Unfortunately, I really prefer the silky texture of canned rather than dried. Dried always come out a bit, well, dry! In most foods, it’s not a big deal, but in black bean burritos, where half the beans are pureed, the smooth texture of canned is so much better. Likewise with dishes like taco salad. If the meal requires long cooking, dried beans work just fine. If anyone has any tips on cooking dried beans so that they approach the texture of canned (maybe using a pressure cooker?), I’d love to hear them!

Dried black beans and garbanzo beans seem to be the two I most struggle with getting the same texture as canned. Like Erin said, when the dish can simmer for a long time it’s not as much of a problem as other times. Please share your tips for cooking dried beans!