Another Trick In Easing Dinnertime Stress

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With little kids who like to shovel food in their mouths (which, in our family at least, has a tendency to lead to choking), it’s often necessary to cut their food for them before they eat. This used to take a long time, especially when eating spaghetti or something similar.

However, that was before I discovered the genius of kitchen shears.

Now, I use kitchen shears to whip through a bowl or plate of food for the kids in just seconds. A few snips through everything and it’s good to go.
Kitchen shears also come in handy when cutting fresh herbs or homemade pasta. I like to roll out the pasta and just run the scissors through the dough quickly. In fact, there are endless ways to use these wonderful things.

But because I’m all about making dinner time as low stress as possible, that’s the best thing about the scissors in my book. My hungry children really don’t want to wait for me to use a knife and fork to neatly cut their food into bite-sized pieces. Fortunately, they don’t have to!

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