Post-Holiday Catch Up


We are catching our breath after a whirlwind few weeks of Christmas celebrations. We definitely had a wonderful time though and I hope that you all did too! I know I was a little remiss in my usual posting of Christmas cookie recipes this year. You know what counts as a major fail when you … Read more

Pecan & Maple Cookie Logs


Every year I have a group of Christmas cookies that are MUST makes because different members of my family count on receiving certain cookies. So when I sit down to plan out what I’ll be baking, I start with those few necessities and then add on with either completely new cookies or cookies that I haven’t … Read more

Coconut & Cherry Kisses


It is my most favorite time of year – Christmas cookie baking time! Oh sure, I love Christmas – the tradtions, the excitement from the kids, the gifts, the music, the trees – all of  that is wonderful. But there is just something abouth making Christmas cookies that lets me know all is right with … Read more

Mediterranean Hash


Have you ever bought an ingredient just because it was on sale and looked really good? I hate to admit it, but I have a tendency of falling into that trap, especially when I break the cardinal rule of never grocery shopping while hungry. That’s exactly what happened earlier this month when I made a quick … Read more