Pumpkin Apple Pecan Muffins


Is it possible to pack all of the best flavors of fall into one little muffin? That’s what I was wondering and that was what I set out to do. So, I got to work by setting out all of my favorite fall flavors and adding a bit of this and a bit of that … Read more

Creamy Chicken & Rice Soup


I am so not a photographer. I might play one here on this little blog, but considering I have to take a least twenty shots to find one I’m even remotely happy with, I’d say I most certainly fall into that amateur-wannabe category. And that’s okay. For the most, I’m fortunate enough to get some … Read more

Squash & Mushroom Saute


Before we moved into our current house last summer, I dreamt of having a garden every single summer. So when May rolled around this year I couldn’t wait to get started. We took advantage of the two existing beds in our backyard and went crazy buying seeds and dirt. Mother’s Day weekend was happily spent … Read more

Creamy Chicken Marinara


For some reason, any time I’m trying to come up with a quick dinner idea my mind always instantly goes to something that involves tomato sauce. Maybe it’s because I know that’s one flavor that will always be a hit with the kids. Who knows? But whatever the reason, one thing I know for sure … Read more

Rice & Bean Stuffed Pepper Cups


I love recipes that are easy to personalize and easy to switch up with different tastes whenever needed. Recipes like this are the basis for many of the recipes I’ve written on this site. Change a few elements here, add a few different spices there and you’ve got a new dish. That’s nothing new though, … Read more