Hot Chocolate Fluff


Early last week we received a flyer for a newly opened Dunkin Donuts. One of the cupons was for a frozen hot chocolate, which was right next to a big picture of a frozen hot chocolate. Surprisingly, given my penchant for all things coffee and only coffee, I wanted one! It just looked so tasty … Read more

One Of Those Weeks


Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything you try in the kitchen turns out wrong? And I don’t mean wrong to the point of thinking “hmm, this could have been better,” but wrong to where you have to tell your husband who’s on his way home to eat a late dinner after … Read more

PB & ‘Naner Cookies


AKA “Elvis Cookies” because seriously, he would have loved these! And what’s not to love when you combine peanut butter and bananas and then toss in some chocolate chips for good measure? The taste speaks for itself with these goodies, but the cookies are also winners for their low ingredient count and ease of preparation. … Read more

BBQ Haystacks


I first learned about haystacks a few years ago and I was instantly smitten. First of all, I love do-it-yourself meals like that where I can just set out several different bowls and let everyone build their perfect meal. Secondly, the meal is so versatile! I’ve seen haystacks written about at least a dozen times … Read more

Frosted Brownie Bites


You know the problem I have with a pan of brownies? I’ll cut myself a teeny, tiny slice and eat it with no guilt since it’s so small. And then I’ll cut another small piece the next time I walk by the pan. Then I’ll purposely walk into the kitchen, pretending I needed to do … Read more

1/3 Less Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Erin, the winner of the $50 Visa gift card and Kraft Singles cupons. Erin’s winning comment was comment #6 on the third check-in post. May 7, 2011 at 11:34 am Yum! I can never seem to think beyond red sauce for ravioli. Thanks so much to every one who commented and undertook this … Read more

Loaded Mashed Potato Bar

I seriously could live on mashed potatoes. Although to be more accurate, smashed red-skin potatoes are the ones I could live on. If I’m making a main course that isn’t a favorite for me, I tend to always make smashed potatoes to serve on the side because I know I’ll be completely satisfied even if … Read more

Final 1/3 Less Challenge Check-In


I can’t believe this is already the final check-in for our four week 1/3 Less Challenge! I don’t know about you but the time sure has flown by for me. So, how did you do this past month? Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my efforts. I dropped a few things from my original list due … Read more

Summer Kitchens

I’m talking about summer kitchens over at Ebates Savvy Living Community today. How does the warmer summer weather affect your kitchen and cooking habits? Come join the discussion. The final 1/3 Less Challenge check-in post will be publishsed later today.

Cheesy Egg & Rice Bake


I’m really trying to focus on my personal challenges for the 1/3 Less Challenge this past week since the month is coming to an end soon. So when I had leftover rice the other day and I was tempted to let it languish in the fridge until it was forgotten about, I knew I had … Read more