Mother’s Day Luxury

I am usually all about keeping things fairly frugal. I’m also usually all about simple gifts. Two of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are a pair of funky socks and an awesome vegetable peeler. What can I say…I’m a simple girl! But this… This just might make me rethink my simplicity and frugality if even … Read more

Blackened Beans & Grits


This is the second of 4 check-ins for the 1/3 Less Challenge. Leaving a comment on this post WILL enter you in the $50 Visa gift card giveaway. It’s time to check-in on the 1/3 Less Challenge again. I am floored by how quickly these weeks are flying by. I feel like I just wrote … Read more

Lemon Infused Potatoes


As I was cleaning out our pantry the other day, I came across a bag of red-skinned potatoes. They were on that borderline verge of still being good. I sorted out the bag and had to throw a few potatoes away, but there were enough good ones left that I knew I could make a … Read more


I am too stuffed to even think about food right now. We had a day full of of eating great food, hunting for Easter eggs and blowing bubbles. And it was absolutely perfect! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

1/3 Less Challenge Check-In Report #1


This is the first of 4 check-ins for the 1/3 Less Challenge. Leaving a comment on this post WILL enter you in the $50 Visa gift card giveaway. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am done with cold and dreary weather or that there have been lots of things going on in … Read more

Chicken Francese with Bacon & Capers


Chicken is a great go-to option when you’re looking for a meal that will get you out of the kitchen in 1/3 less time. And it gets even easier and quicker when you combine it with a few stolen moments throughout your day. When it comes to quick chicken dishes, I prefer meals where the … Read more

Pork Tacos


In my efforts to reduce different habits and procedures in the kitchen this month, I’ve been spending the past few days not spending much time in the kitchen at all. That’s because I’m focusing on finding recipes that take 1/3 less time than usual. This recipe definitely falls into that category! With a total prep … Read more

Choose Your Own “1/3 Less” Adventure


If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about ways to mix things up in the kitchen. From the cost of monthly groceries to the amount of time spent in the kitchen to the amount of fat in our meals, there’s always something I think would benefit from a bit of … Read more

Coconut Chicken with Pineapple-Curry Dipping Sauce


I love coconut! I know it’s not a universal favorite, to which all I can say is “You don’t like coconuts! Say brainless, don’t you know where coconuts come from?” (Name that movie…) Seriously though, coconut is a fantastic addition to both sweet and savory foods. It adds great flavor and texture. I’ve always loved … Read more

Easter Meal Ideas


Easter is one of those holidays that I have such fond food memories of. When I was growing up, there were a few constants on our menu each year – ham, Polish sausage, rye bread and lamb cake. Also, each year included 2 homemade horseradishes, white and red, which my grandfather made for us. Such … Read more