Hot Cranberry Salad


I absolutely love hot fruit salads. My mom has been making one with canned fruits and pie filling for years and I can never get enough of it. It’s definitely a standard at my parents’ house this time of year. As much as I love it, I don’t make it very often myself. It’s just … Read more

Walnut Rosemary Bread


When I think of giving home-baked goodies as Christmas gifts, I tend to always think of sweets first. But this year, I’m trying to include some savory options as well. This Walnut Rosemary Bread would make a beautiful gift. The bread bakes up tender and full of flavor, with a gorgeous golden brown crust. I … Read more

Caramel Snack Mix


One of the things we most look forward to every Christmas season is sitting around together and watching Christmas specials on tv while snacking and drinking hot cocoa. With the lights of the tree twinkling in the background, we snuggle together and just enjoy the ritual. Caramel Snack Mix is a favorite snack on that … Read more

Peppermint Cheesecake Cookies


On Monday and Tuesday the three older kids were home from school due to snow. The first day was great. The excitement of having a snow day never changes. But by Tuesday, everyone was a little less than thrilled. The kids were missing out on all the fun that is the week before Christmas vacation … Read more

Spicy Tuna Skillet


I know I’ve mentioned in the past that I am not a huge fan of tuna even though the rest of my family loves it. So I’m always trying to come up with ways to use tuna that will make us all happy. I find if the tuna is masked in something crispy (like my … Read more

Chocolate Chip-Almond Cookie Sticks


I always love to have a lot of variety on my Christmas cookie platters. For me, that means variety in both taste, shape and color. I don’t believe that the platter needs to be filled with all greens and reds to look festive, but a little bit thrown in always helps. Since there are plenty … Read more

Mexican Wedding Cookies


This past Saturday, we enjoyed one of our favorite Christmas traditions – paying a visit to my father-in-law at work. That may sound like a rather boring tradition…until you see this: Visiting grandpa at work is the best part of your Christmas season when your Grandpa is one of “Santa’s Special Helpers!” And what makes … Read more

Snow Peas & Red Peppers


I love including Christmas colors in our meals whenever possible throughout the month of December. Red and green pancakes look a little off to me, but the kids love them! Fortunately, it’s easy to get those colors naturally with fresh produce. A bowl of sliced strawberries and kiwi may not be very seasonal, but it … Read more