Spinach & Mozzarella Stuffed Ground Beef Roll


Last Updated on March 7, 2023 Do you ever get an idea for a recipe in your head that turns out completely differently than how you first imagined? Happens to me all the time! Usually it’s because once I think of a recipe I over-think it to death and by the time I finally make … Read more

Cheese Soup


Last Updated on March 7, 2023 One of our favorite restaurants is a local bar and grill. It’s the place the kids always request to go whenever we eat out.  Before we moved in June, it was pretty common for us to eat there every other month or so, which is about as frequently as … Read more

Holiday Baking Preparation


Last Updated on February 19, 2023 Tomorrow marks one of my favorite days of the holiday season – the start of Christmas baking season. I’m getting a head start this year because our holiday celebrations are happening in two waves. We’ll be visiting my family in Chicago for Thanksgiving (and the exchange of Christmas presents) … Read more

Poppy Seed Chicken


Last Updated on March 7, 2023 Poppy seed chicken is a classic comfort food recipe – so classic that every recipe I’ve ever seen for it calls for canned, condensed cream of chicken soup. While I’m not hyper-vigilant about never using convenient items, those soups are one thing that got banned from my kitchen years … Read more

Mega SwagBucks Friday

Last Updated on February 19, 2023 I know several of you were interested with Swagbucks when I first wrote about it several weeks ago and that many of you signed up. If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks, it is a search engine that randomly awards you swagbucks as you search the web. These bucks can … Read more

Smoky Corn Muffins


Last Updated on March 7, 2023 I have a love-hate relationship with corn muffins and corn bread. I love the idea of serving them with soup or chili, but I usually hate the way they turn out. All the recipes I’ve tried in the past have been either too bland or too dry, or even … Read more

Pan Fried Pork Chops with Gravy


Last Updated on March 7, 2023 I taught myself a very important lesson in the kitchen the other day – not all culinary skills are inborn. Sometimes, you have to really practice at something to get it just right. And sometimes, if you don’t practice first, you just might end up with a total flop. … Read more

Pot Scrubbing 101

Last Updated on February 19, 2023 I absolutely love spending time in the kitchen. It’s definitely my most favorite thing right after spending time with my family. But my enjoyment focuses around cooking and baking and not the inevitable clean up that comes afterwards. In fact, I can’t get out of the kitchen fast enough … Read more