Baked Spaghetti Casserole


Over the years I’ve tried many different recipes and variations of baked spaghetti. Spaghetti is a favorite meal in our house, especially with the kids, and I love the idea of having a spaghetti casserole that I can freeze and stick in the oven for a quick meal. The only problem is that I’ve yet … Read more

Reader Questions Answered: Freezing Cookie Dough


When I wrote about one of my baking days several weeks ago, I had quite a few people ask about freezing cookies and cookie dough. I meant to answer that question much sooner, but it slipped my mind for some reason. (I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain for now, at least while I still can!) … Read more

Tropical Carrot Bread


Over the past few days, I have been more thankful than ever for our freezer stash of food. Unfortunately, that thankfulness stems from the fact that we have been digging into what is supposed to be post-baby goodies and meals. But there’s been a bit of a change in plans, so it’s so nice to … Read more

Pork Chops with Apple Cider Gravy


I have decided that this dish is going to be my go-to option when entertaining during the fall. It is so pretty, bursting with fall flavors and just plain old delicious. It’s also surprisingly easy to put together. In fact, I think the beautiful presentation is a little deceptive in regards to the work involved. … Read more

Simple Homemade Stuffing


Is it stuffing or dressing? I think what you call that side dish is a regional thing for the most part. I tend to call it stuffing myself. I guess it really doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it tastes great! I’ve always viewed stuffing that didn’t come from a box mix … Read more

Caramel Apple Cream Puff Dessert


Nothing says fall to me quite like caramel apples. They’re just so perfect in their simplicity. So when I was thinking of a perfect dessert to serve when my husband’s family came to dinner last week, my mind obviously went to caramel apples. I thought of doing a caramel apple pie and a few other … Read more

One Day Only Sale ~ Grocery University for $10

Remember back in July when I told you about my friend Carrie Issac’s awesome Grocery University audio series? I know many of you took advantage of Carrie’s great introductory prices at the time. I bet you don’t regret it either. When it comes to cuponing, Carrie definitely knows her stuff! Now Carrie is holding a … Read more

Brussel Sprouts & Red Cabbage with Bacon


Growing up, I always had a love-hate relationship with Brussels sprouts. As a child, I was never really a fan, but as an adult, I’ve been on a mission to learn to love the foods I once rejected. One by one, I’ve conquered my fears, and my list of food foes has dwindled to a … Read more

Sweet Onion Bread


I have definitely been reclaiming my baking vibe over the past week or so. I guess that’s what happens when the cooler weather hits and I don’t mind having the oven on all day. I am trying to fit as much pre-baby baking in as possible now. I’m of the belief that I’ll still be … Read more

Autumn-Inspired Dishes


Fall has definitely arrived for us. We can feel it in the crisp, clean air, see it in the piles of leaves littering our front lawn and smell it as the cool wind blows in through our slightly opened windows. And I couldn’t be more excited! Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love it … Read more